Welcome to the new site!

Here, you’ll see frequent content in the form of a wide variety of articles, essays and interviews, with topics ranging from health and fitness to  business and entrepreneurial related content, music, books, film, art and more.

If this is your first time discovering my work, you can find a great deal of my writing on the topic of self-improvement and personal transformation at www.operationwerewolf.com

This website, and the flagship book “No Surrender,” (now available here under the Store tab in print or digital format) is specifically intended for creatives, artists, small business owners, musicians, and any other rebels who are looking to steer their own ship with no other hands on the rudder.

It is also for those adventurous souls hell-bent on experiencing the pinnacle highs and soul-crushing lows this world has to offer, and all the gritty, grim and grandiose lands between.

“Come with me, ladies and gentlemen who are in any wise weary…come with me: and those that tire at all of the world we know: for we have new worlds here.”

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Paul is the author of 7 published works and countless ‘zines, articles and essays on a wide variety of topics.

His work has focused largely in the past on aggressive self-transformation, life reform, and personal overcoming, through the medium of his program “Operation Werewolf”.

With this new endeavour, he is expanding that subject matter to include a more intimate and in-depth look at his own experiences and influences, as well as to assist other creatives in establishing their own brands, find their own voice, and change the world.

“The work of Paul Waggener encompasses a feral body of work, large in scope and powerful in expression. With material ranging from esoteric hermeneutics of Runic mysteries, to critical insights into the mirages of modernity, Waggener lives his life outside the magical circle unafraid to wrestle with the daemons of the body and soul. As one of the Rare Ones, Waggener can inspire or frighten, challenge or compliment. He does this with word, deed, and Presence. He asks nothing of the reader he has not asked of himself.”
– Craig Williams


Paul has spent several years of his life living as a professional musician, specifically within the genres of black metal, outlaw country, and neo-folk.

His newly launched record label, www.wolfsheadrecords.com is in the process of re-pressing some of this body of work, and his acoustic and solo projects will soon be available again through this website. For now, his blend of dark Americana and grim outlaw country can be found in digital format at www.paulwaggener.bandcamp.com


“Paul Waggener is force of nature. His presence in person and on the written page crackles with energy, vision and authority. With relaxed intensity, he could convince a wandering horde to build an empire or burn one to the ground. A true outlaw spirit, Waggener lives and thinks outside the boundaries of the Empire of Nothing, riding free and shooting straight.”
– Jack Donovan