Paul is the author of 7 published works and countless ‘zines, articles and essays on a wide variety of topics.

His work has focused largely in the past on aggressive self-transformation, life reform, and personal overcoming, through the medium of his program “Operation Werewolf”.

With this new endeavour, he is expanding that subject matter to include a more intimate and in-depth look at his own experiences and influences, as well as to assist other creatives in establishing their own brands, find their own voice, and change the world.

“The work of Paul Waggener encompasses a feral body of work, large in scope and powerful in expression. With material ranging from esoteric hermeneutics of Runic mysteries, to critical insights into the mirages of modernity, Waggener lives his life outside the magical circle unafraid to wrestle with the daemons of the body and soul. As one of the Rare Ones, Waggener can inspire or frighten, challenge or compliment. He does this with word, deed, and Presence. He asks nothing of the reader he has not asked of himself.”
– Craig Williams